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How much do you know about nipple drinkers?

Views: 20145     Author: Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-10-21      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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In modern chicken farming, in order to meet the needs of the drinking water of chickens, ensure water quality, reduce diseases transmitted by drinking water sources, save water, save labor, and improve economic benefits, most chicken farms are using nipple drinkers.

The structure and working principle of the nipple drinker

There are three types of nipple drinkers: cone seal nipple drinkers, steel ball seal nipple drinkers and spring seal nipple driners.

  • The cone-sealed nipple drinker is composed of a water control rod, a touch rod and a connecting seat.

  • The steel ball sealed nipple drinker is composed of a water control rod, a touch rod, a steel ball, a sealing ring and a connecting seat;

  • The spring-sealed nipple drinker consists of a spring, a contact rod and a connecting seat.

The high-quality nipple drinker valve body is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the water control rod, steel ball and spring are made of stainless steel. The sealing ring is made of rubber, which is easy to age and has a short service life; it is also made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which has good elasticity, good quality, not easy to age, and has a long service life.

chicken nipple drinker work  chicken nipple drinker work2   Horizontal chicken nipple drinker

Nipple drinker's water outlet modes

There are 180° and 360° water outlet modesfor nipple drinkers

  • The contact rod of the nipple drinker with a 180° water outlet is to touch the water touch lever up and down to get out the water, the required force is too large, and the strength of the chick is small, so this drinker is suitable for older chickens. 

  • The touch rod of the nipple drinker with 360° water discharge is to touch the water touch lever from left to right, and the required force is small. In other words, water comes out as soon as chicks touch the touch lever, it is very suitable for chicks to use it. This kind of drinker is not suitable for older chickens, because the contact rod of the nipple drinker can easily be touched by the chickens when they are moving, which will cause the chicken house to be wet and not conducive to the health of the chickens. 

  • The spring-sealed nipple drinker gets out the water by touching the lever at any angle. The spring-sealed nipple drinker relies on the spring to control the water output and requires a high production process. Therefore, most of the nipple drinkers on the market are cone-sealed and steel ball-sealed nipple drinkers.

nipple drinker 1

Scope of application of nipple drinker

The nipple drinker can be used for the flat and cage raising of chickens. Cone sealing type and steel ball sealing type are suitable for chicks and laying hens in the rearing stage, broilers, breeders and turkeys in the flat raising and cage raising.

Features of nipple drinker

chicken water line 4The nipple type drinker is a closed type drinker with many advantages, the water quality is not easy to be polluted, it can reduce the spread of diseases, the evaporation is small, and it has a wide range of adaptability, and it does not need to be cleaned after use, reducing labor intensity and saving water. It can overcome the shortcomings of open drinking fountains and is gradually recognized by people. However, it is more difficult to install and debug than other drinking fountains. Good quality (products from regular manufacturers) cost a lot, while poor quality ones are low in cost, but they are unreliable in use, and water leakage often occurs, making the environment of the chicken house humid.

Nipple drinkers often use drip cups to catch the water leaking from the nipple drinker. When there is water in the cup, chickens drink from the cup, and when there is no water, they drink from the contact rod of the nipple drinker.

Nipple drinker price

There are different styles of nipple drinkers on the market, but they all work the same way. The reason for the different prices is because the precision of the water output control of the nipple drinker is different. Inexpensive nipple drinkers are naturally poor quality, and may leak when you buy them and install them. The expensive nipple drinkers are of high quality, precise control of water output, no water leakage, and are very friendly to the environment of the chicken house.

In short, the quality of the product depends on the price. The materials of high-quality nipple drinkers are the upper layers, the accessories are high-precision, not rough, and the price is naturally expensive. And cheap nipple drinkers cut corners on materials, so they are of poor quality. In order to ensure the health of the flock, Longmu Breeding Equipment recommends that chicken farmers use good quality nipple drinkers.

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Installation and use of nipple drinkers

The nipple drinker is easy to block, so it has high water quality requirements. A filter should be installed on the water supply pipeline, and the size of the filter screen should not be less than 200 mesh. Equipped with an automatic doser that can prevent or treat diseases by drinking water immunizations and medicines. The installation of drinking fountains should be standardized to ensure that the water pipes are straight to ensure the water supply in all parts of the water pipes, otherwise, there will be uneven water supply. The nipple drinker should be installed vertically, so as not to hinder the movement of the chicken. The chicken can lift its head and peck the valve core with its beak, so that the water can flow out and drink, which is in line with the chicken's head-raising drinking habit.

1. Cage-raising chicken

The drinker can be installed above the cage, or in front of the cage and above the trough. The nipple drinker installed in the front of the cage can ensure that the chicken manure is dry due to the dripping of water in the trough, but the feed under the drinker will be soaked. The nipple drinkers of adult caged chickens are best installed on the partition net between the two cages, so that the chickens in each cage can use two drinkers to drink water.

chicken drinking line

2. Flat-raising chicken

There should be anti-perch steel wires and pulse electric shocks on the water supply line to prevent chickens from stepping on the water supply line. After the installation is completed, water must be supplied. The chickens use their beaks to peck. After pecking out the water, they slowly form a conditioned reflex, and they can drink at any time when they are thirsty. If the water is not supplied in time after it is installed, the chicken will not be able to peck the water, which will affect future drinking. When using nipple drinkers for flat-raising chickens, attention should be paid to the installation height. The hanging height should be adjusted according to the age of the chickens. Generally, it is required to exceed the chicken head by 1 ~ 3cm(0.39-1.18 inch). Each nipple drinker can be used for 3~6 adults or 10~20 chicks.

longmu Regulator

In order to ensure that chickens can drink fresh water at any time, it is best to use an automatic water supply device. The working water pressure of the nipple drinker is low, and it is often used in conjunction with a pressure regulating valve or a water tank to adjust the water pressure to suit the needs of chickens of different ages. The suitable water pressure is: 14.7~24.5kPa for chicks; 24.5~ 34.3kPa. To avoid the phenomenon that the water pressure is too high or too low, the chicken cannot drink water or the nipple drinker leaks. In addition, the nipple drinker cannot be used within 20 days after the chicken is cut off, because the beak is sore and dare not peck.

The above are some introductions about nipple drinkers. If poultry farmers have any questions about nipple drinkers, please feel free to contact us.

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