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How Much Do You Know about Automated Laying Hen Farming Equipment?

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1 Main Manufacturing Technique of Laying Hens

The Manufacturing Technique of laying hens is generally two-stage feeding or three-stage feeding. No matter which technique, the brooding is the important point. The brooding umbrella is generally used for flat brooding, and the heating lamps are evenly distributed inside the umbrella to ensure the ambient temperature required by the chicks. Completed sets of equipment consisting of temperature and environment controller can be used in newly built farms with good conditions. The flock turnover process is 30-40 days, and hatching, breeding and elimination are carried out successively.

So What are the Automatic laying hen breeding equipment? In order to ensure the eggs are collected nicely and easily, generally adult laying hens are raised in cages, also there are two types as layered and stepped. As normally poultry caged breeding to be artificial feeding, manure cleaning, egg picking, and V-shaped water tank are used for water supply, and cleaning is performed once a day. The chicken coops are all open structures, and adopt "eaves, floor windows, and double-layer shutters" to adjust the environment in the chicken house under different climatic conditions.

2 General Equipment for Laying Hen Production

2-1 Incubation Equipment

At present, The box-type incubator is common used normally, and therea

2-2 Brooding equipment

The common types of brooding equipment are included as electric heating brooding umbrella, underground flue method and new brooding insulation complete sets.

2-3 Poultry Cage Equipment

The chicken coop is the main body of the chicken raising equipment.

2-4 Mechanized Feeding Equipment

The mechanized feeding equipment for laying hens generally includes a storage tower, a feeder, a buffer tank, a feeding trough, and electrical control equipment. Automatic feeding equipment has been widely used at in many country, and these equipment also the main poultry automatic feeding system of mechanized chicken farms.

2-5 Automatic drinking water equipment

As usually the vacuum drinker and a pendant-type automatic drinkers of flat raising are used for baby chicks water drinking, and the nipple drinkers and automatic chicken drinkers with drip cup are used widely. But how to choose the poultry drinkers for chickens correctly, just pls follow asbelow:

chicken drinking line

Trough drinking fountain ---- It is commonly used in many chicken farmsand mostly products are made of metal galvanized iron or plastic. It is simple to make and has low cost, but it consumes a lot of water and is easily polluted that Need to be cleaned in time, and it is difficult to adjust the level of the long water tank, and the rubber hose between the water tanks is easy to be blocked by foreign objects.

Tower-type vacuum drinking fountain ---- It is comprised of a drum upper as steamed bread or spire shaped and a circle base. The special shaped of the drum can prevent chickens from standing on the top of the Chicken buckets to poop and pollute the water. There is a small hole at the bottom of the drum, and the height of the small hole is lower than that of the water pan, so that the water in the water reservoir will not overflow outside the pan. The water flows out, and when the water level in the pan is higher than the small hole, the air can't get in, and the water can't flow out. This poultry farm chicken drinker has a simple structure and can be made by yourself.

Pendant-type Chicken Nipple Drinkers are mainly used for flat raising, with wide adaptability and do not hinder the activities of chickens. The water supply is adjusted by the weight of the Nipple Drinkers itself, which is connected with the water pipe. When the water is low, the chicken water drinkers are light, the spring can open the water inlet valve, and the water flows out; when the water weight reaches a certain limit, the water flow stops. When in use, the hanging height of the poultry drinkers must be suitable, so that the edge of the chicken Water Cup should be flush with the back of the chick or the eye of the adult chicken.

2-6 Mechanical egg collecting equipment

Mechanical egg collecting equipment is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic.

2-7 Manure cleaning equipment

The mechanical manure cleaning equipment for caged laying hens in the laying hen house is usually of scraper type or conveyor belt type manure cleaning machine. Scraper-type manure cleaners are mostly used for stepped cages and online flat cages, and conveyor belt-type manure cleaners are mostly used in stacked chicken cages.

2-8 Environmental control equipment

2-8-1 Lighting Control Equipment

The lighting equipment is mainly a lighting controller and a light source, and the lighting controller can turn on and off the lights on time. It can arbitrarily set the switching time, light intensity and automatically supplement the light when the light is insufficient.

2-8-2 Ventilation equipment

The function of ventilation equipment is to remove dirty air, moisture and excess heat from the poultry house and replenish it with fresh air. At present, axial fans with large radius and low speed are generally used in poultry houses. Axial fans whose speed can be automatically adjusted have been widely used in China, and they can save electric energy and have extremely high efficiency.

ventilation system-cooling-pad

2-8-3 Wet Pad Evaporative Cooling Equipment

The main function of the cooling pad system is to make the air enter the poultry house through the wet pad in summer, which can reduce the temperature of the poultry house and humidity controlled.

2-8-4 Heating Equipment

Heating equipment is mainly used in newly born chicks and chickens in winter, and heating is generally done with light bulbs or hot air stoves.

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