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How many do you know about the four humidification methods in large-scale chicken farms?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-06-12      Origin: LONGMU


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Humidity is one of the important tasks in the daily management of closed chicken houses. Insufficient humidity in the house will reduce the sensed temperature of the chicken group, which is not conducive to the dispersal of the chicken group and affects the drinking water and feed intake of the chicken group. Excessive humidity in the house will accelerate the reproduction of certain pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, which is conducive to the survival of non-enveloped viruses, thereby causing the occurrence and prevalence of corresponding diseases. High humidity in the house can also hinder the normal heat regulation of the birds, increasing the body temperature of the birds.

Humidity management in the chicken house is very important, but it is easily overlooked by everyone. Here are several humidification methods for you to choose from.

chicken house6.12

1. Fog line humidification

Advantages: uniform, labor-saving, and can disinfect the chicken coop.

Disadvantages: Regular maintenance and cleaning of scale are required; it can only be used for disinfection of empty houses, changing seasons and when the outside temperature is low; because hot air accumulates on the top of the chicken house, the water absorbs heat after use, and the cooling rate of the chicken house is large; improper use is easy to damage the chicken house. Chilling stress in the flock. When the temperature is high during the day and the ventilationvolume is large, the humidification effect is not obvious.

Humidification time: In the case of small ventilation, it needs to be turned on for more than 10 minutes to increase the required humidity.

Use: Suitable for summer use. When the outside temperature is high and the air is dry, use a mist line when the house temperature is high. The water mist sprayed from the fog line absorbs the hot air at the top of the chicken house. Due to the large amount of ventilation in summer, the fan quickly discharges the heat-absorbed water out of the house, and the cooling effect is obvious. It should be noted that the mist line humidification method needs to be used intermittently.

2. Humidification tube humidification

Advantages: Humidification using a humidifying tube, cheap materials, easy installation, time-saving and labor-saving, and a long maintenance time.

Disadvantages: It cannot be used for disinfection and drinking (connected by the pressure-reducing valve), and it is easy to form puddles. The water in the puddle evaporates slowly and absorbs heat from the air. The body temperature of the chickens in the cages around the puddles is low, chicks are prone to appear, and the chickens in the cages are uneven in size.

Humidification time: According to the width of the chicken coop and the water pressure, due to the water pressure, the two sides can be opened separately for 3~5 minutes to complete the humidification.

cooling pad

Use: It can be used in all seasons. Places with puddles need to be spread out with a broom, which is conducive to increasing the humidity in the house.

Installation: You can use a single water pipe, install two rows under the cages in the middle of the chicken house, install a valve in each row, and open each side separately when humidifying, otherwise the pressure is small and the humidification distance is short. The pipe material is a 2.0 PVC pipe or a relatively thinner PVC pipe, fixed under the bottom cage with cable ties, and a small hole is punched in each PVC pipe.

sprinkler humidification

Advantages: It can be humidified, can disinfect the ground, and lasts for a long time.

Disadvantages: When the outside is dry, the humidity rises slowly, and the humidity in the house is low, which is labor-intensive.

Humidification time: Because the buckets on the sprinkler are of different sizes, it takes at least 30 minutes to add water and humidify each time.

Use: Suitable for all seasons. When the outside air is dry, the humidity is easy to maintain at night. When the ventilation volume is large during the day, the humidity in the house is low, artificial humidification is frequent, the ground dries faster, and the breeder is more tired. Frequent humidification in the house also affects the feed intake of the flock.

3 water pipe or bucket humidification

Advantages: a large amount of sprinkling water, and long-term humidity retention.

Disadvantages: Humidification is slow, labor-intensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and easy to form puddles, and affects the body temperature of surrounding chickens.

Humidification time: Due to the relatively large amount of water sprinkling and the long time of dragging the water pipe, it is relatively time-consuming, at least 40 minutes or more.

Use: It is not recommended to use chicken coops with manure ditches. The spilled water will easily flow into the ditch and produce an ammonia smell.

exhuast fan3exhuast fanventilation

In short, humidity is a very important indicator in the environmental control management of chicken houses. Managers should choose a humidification method suitable for their farms to provide a comfortable and stable growth environment for chickens.

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