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How many days does it take for a hen to hatch a chick?

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It takes 21 days for a hen to hatch a chick, which is still a long time. The hen will also have a hard time. It needs a warmer environment to hatch the chick, and some of them cannot be hatched successfully.

Chicken hatching is divided into artificial hatching and hen hatching. Whether it is artificial hatching or hen hatching, the hatching temperature of eggs is required to be around 37.5 degrees Celsius, and it normally takes 21 days from hatching to chick out of the shell.

Chicken Nest

But it will also change with the outside temperature. If the temperature is higher (Never exceed 42 degrees), it can be as short as 19 days, and if the temperature is lower, it will take 21 days. When the temperature is higher, as long as the hen has hatched for 19 days, even if there is no hen to continue to hatch, the eggs with normal embryos can hatch chicks.

Generally, the chicks can be hatched in 21 days, the chicks start to peck the shell on the 19th day. The chicks start to hatch on the 20th day. Most chicks come out of their shells on the 20.5th day. And all the chicks finish hatching on the 21st day. The owner should prepare chicken waterer cups and chicken feeding bowls. Put cups on the side of its nest, where it can be reached by stretching its neck. Check frequently and pay attention to adding food and water.

Hatching chicks is a long process, and hens will persevere tirelessly.

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