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How do they make factory farmed chickens grow so fast?

Views: 305     Author: Chicken Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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Large-scalchicken farming ensures the safe production of broilers, and at the same time greatly improves the growth rate of broilers. Compared with the long growth cycle of traditional chickens, the growth rate of broilers is indeed faster, mainly due to the following five factors:

Reason 1: The crystallization of genetic selection

The rapid growth of white feather chickens is mainly due to the continuous optimization and improvement of chicken breeds. From the early 1970s to the present, the growth cycle of a 2kg broiler has been shortened from 63 days in 1976 to 33 days in 2007. The continuous development and improvement of genetic selection technology is the main reason for this achievement.

Reason 2: Scientific feed formula

From chicks to slaughtering, white-feather chickens have different nutritional requirements at different growth and development stages. Different from the traditional method of raising a handful of rice to the end, the modern farming method will scientifically combine corn, flour, wheat, soybean meal, oil, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other raw materials according to the characteristics and nutritional needs of white feather chickens at various growth stages. Carry out scientific proportioning and provide scientific feed formula suitable for each stage, match with suitable chicken drinking and feedingline,so as to provide the necessary conditions for the healthy and rapid growth of white feather chickens.


Reason 3: Effective disease prevention and epidemic prevention measures

A clean and pollution-free growing environment and strict disease prevention and control measures are the necessary conditions for the healthy growth of white-feather chickens. In order to avoid the invasion and interference of external viruses, most broiler breeding enterprises are located in remote villages or sparsely populated mountainous areas, and use professional breeding equipment (incubators,exhaust fans,chicken coops, etc.). In addition, from birth to slaughter, white-feathered chickens are immunized with vaccines to ensure healthy growth.

Reason 4: Standardized chicken farm facilities

The chicken house where white feather chickens grow is a fully enclosed environment that automatically controls temperature, humidity and negative pressure, which provides a stable and comfortable environment for the growth of chickens that is suitable for clean and hygienic growth. It is also necessary to use professional equipment (professional poultry raisinchicken feedingline).

Reason 5: scientifichicken feeding and management

Scientific breeding methods and management conditions, including the establishment of lighting, feeding, water supply, ventilation and other procedures in line with the growth rules of white-feather chickens, as well as means of feeding in stages according to the growth rules of the flock, ensure that white-feather chickens can be quickly and efficiently produced from chick to slaughter. healthy growth.

In short, breeding white feather chickens requires not only professional equipment but also professional breeding techniques. In the process of breeding, continuous exploration and updating are required. Of course it will cost a lot of money. If there is no sufficient funds, it is still necessary to consider reducing the scale of familchicken farming, which can also save resources and accumulate experience.

The above is what I know, if there is any similarity, please contact me, thank you!

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