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Hanging Chicken Feeder Installation

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Long Mu Poultry breeding equipment

Installing your Feeder

You need to hang your feeder at the neck height of your chickens, so they can just peck at the food without having to lean down. As chickens vary in height, this depends on the breed of your chickens. lf you install your feeder too low, the chickens may get their feet in the feeder and try to swipe feed onto the ground.

Using your Feeder

Make sure you use a type of feed that is suitable for a gravity feeder.While most feed mixes and pellets work well, avoid crumbles or feeds high in molasses as these won't flow freely into the tray. Some feeds also seem to absorb the moisture from the air if it's particularly damp or humid. lf you find that your feed isn't falling into the feeder tray as it should, try mixing your feed with another looser feed, to get the right flow rate. Avoid too free-flowing feeds such as plain wheat or other large grains as they sometimes flow too easily allowing your chickens to scratch the feed onto the ground.

Attaching to Mesh

These waterers and feeders are designed to simply hook onto the mesh of your coop. lf you find that the hooks are too large for the mesh of your coop, you have several options. You could cut the mesh slightly to make the hooks fit, or you could attach several 'quick-links', 'd-shackles' or even cable ties to your coop for the hooks to attach to (quick-links shown in the picture and available from most hardware stores).

hanging chicken feeder Installing Spec.3

Attaching to a Solid Wall

For those wishing to attach their waterer and feeder to a solid timber or iron wall, we have included 4 aluminum brackets and 8 zinc 'needle point’ screws free of charge. These can be fixed to your wall and the waterer and feeder can then simply hook over these brackets.

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