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Construction Requirements of Modern Broiler Breeder Houses

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-05-30      Origin: LONGMU


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Selection and matching of chicken raising equipment

The principle of equipment selection requires high cost performance, economical and practical, good operation, lower the maintenance rate, low energy consumption, low noise, and standard accessories. Some modern broiler breeder farms also have external conveying and feeding systems or use bulk feeders to beat the feed into the feed tower of the chicken farm, so as to realize automatic feeding. Selection of the ventilation system: According to the calculation formula of the ventilation system, determine the size of the cooling pads, the number and location of the ventilation windows, and the size and quantity of the fans. The choice of heating method: economical and reasonable. With different feeding methods (floor rearing, two high and one low flat rearing or cage rearing, etc.), The equipment in the house is different.

Feeding method

1) Ground level raising

Most of them are used by small farmers. Use rice husks, sawdust, straw, peanut shells, etc. On the ground of each small room as bedding materials, hang some buckets, drinking fountains or put some drinking fountains, pots on the ground, and the breeding environment is poor..

2) Two highs and one low or one high and two lows

broiler farming5.17

It is mostly used by large farmers and large companies. The house is generally 12 m wide, and there are 4 m wide scaffolding on the windows on both sides, and about 4 m in the middle is the ground. The height of the scaffolding from the middle ground is generally 30-40 cm. The scaffolding can be made of wooden strips, plastics, bamboo boards and iron nets, and the distance between the scaffolding strips is 2 cm to facilitate the dropping of chicken manure under the floor. On the scaffolding, a sunshade net is laid during the brooding period, and an automatic feeding line is installed during the breeding and laying period, and some hanging buckets are also installed. The drinking water system is suspended above the scaffolding. The feeding environment is easier to control.

3) Cage

The chickens are kept in cages, and there are feeding troughs and water tanks beside the cages, and some also use automatic drinking system. This feeding method is labor-intensive, the water tank is easy to break, the egg breeding rate and egg production rate is low, and the stocking density is high. The environment is also easy to control.

feeding equipment

1) Trough type automatic material line

It consists of main and auxiliary material boxes, a motor with a reducer, a driving wheel, a material trough, a feeding chain, Angle wheel

and an anti-roosting fence (material net), and some have a feeding silo and a fixed clock as auxiliary equipment. The feeding line is carried by the material chain in the groove, and it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete the cloth, and the cloth is fast .


2) Disc automatic feeding line

It consists of main and auxiliary material boxes, a motor with a reducer, a driving wheel and a feeder pan. Some also have silo, automatic weighing devices and timing clocks, which can realize fast, uniform and fully automatic feeding transportation.

3) Barrels and troughs

Manual feeding is required one by one (segment), pour directly with a bowl or material bag, it is not easy to distribute the material evenly, and it is a waste of material.

drinking water equipment

1) Nipple drinking system

From the tap water valve to the water pipe through the filter, dosing device, and pressure reducing valve, the chicken drinks water when it touches the nipple drinker. It is not easy to leak, and the water quality is hygienic. The water level and water line height can be adjusted according to the age of the chicken.

chicken drinker (5)

2) Plasson drinking water system

It consists of a water tank, main pipe, transparent hose, and bell-shaped drinker. The water tank is connected to the water pipe, and can be automatically supplied with water by water buoyancy self-control valve. There is a nipple with a valve connected to the flexible pipe on the main pipe, and the transparent flexible pipe is connected to the main pipe and connected to the water dispenser. The height and size of the water tank can be determined by how many chickens are in the chicken house and how long the chicken house is. The main pipe is made of white hard plastic pipe to prevent the internal corrosion of the iron pipe and affect the water quality and flow. The main pipe should be leveled, otherwise there will be problems when water is resupplied after water shortage. Drinking fountains and hoses should also be tied firmly, and drinking fountainsshould often adjust the water level. The system is not easy to manage in terms of water leakage, water quality and environment.

3) sink

The drinking water is completely open, and the sink is easy to break, which will affect the drinking water of the chickens at ordinary times, and it is easy to overflow from the low place, affecting the food of the chickens. Worst drinking water system by all accounts

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