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Chicken farms with automatic poultry equipment are not profitable, what went wrong?

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After several years of market operation, automatic feeding equipment broiler farming was formed a stable market, but everyone has heard a saying that peers do not benefit. This sentence has been well verified in chicken farms which with automatic equipment.

A famous internet celebrity said: The three major factors that determine whether raising chickens are profitable are: raising chickens well, dying less, and selling well. These three factors are reflected in the actual production: scientific management, the disease control and prevention and chicken sales.

Well-raised is the basis for chicken farms which with automatic feeding equipment to make money; fewer deaths can maximize the benefits of automatic poultry equipment for chicken farms; good selling refers to the market conditions when selling chickens (but this is not controlled by humans). Raising chickens is inseparable from feed, and the cost of feed accounts for more than 70% of the entire breeding cost. Therefore, to raise chickens well, the feed must be fully utilized.

Some people think that the feed is fully utilized, that is, the chickens cannot lose feed during the whole process, but if the chicken is sick and its life is almost impossible to save, will it not reduce the feed? Not only feed reduction but also affect the growth of chickens.

1. If you want to keep chickens well, you need to do a good job of ventilation in the chicken house with automation equipment while keeping warm.

Free-range or cage-raised chickens find chickens with purple crowns. Sick chickens can survive on the ground outside the chicken coop. Sick chickens will often heal on their own when they are placed outdoors, and they often die when left on the Internet ( the air quality outside the house is good). Dead sick chickens not only waste feed, but also increase the cost of breeding. Therefore, the chicken farm must be ventilated.

Ventilation is a problem that every technician has been emphasizing and repeating, but how can we ventilate the chicken house with automated equipment?

ventilation fans

Longmu Animal Husbandry Technology (cangzhou) Co., Ltd. which provides high quality cooling fans & cooling pads, so as to ensure  good air environment for your chicken. Good ventilation is to change into fresh air (oxygen) and discharge harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia. Some farmers have a very practical method to test the ventilation effect, that is, take a puff of smoke (smoked cigarette) near the air inlet. If the smoke flows to the air outlet (air outlet), it means that the ventilation is smooth! According to the speed of the smoke flow, determine the size of the wind speed, and then adjust the size of the air inlet.

ventilation fans

Besides, what is the purpose of keeping warm? The purpose of insulation is to provide a suitable growing environment for chickens, achieve the effect of rapid growth, and create better benefits. The best growth temperature for chickens is about 21-25 degrees (room temperature). If the temperature is too low, the energy in the feed the chicken eats will generate heat to maintain body temperature, resulting in an unsatisfactory feed-to-meat ratio. If the temperature is too high, the chickens need to breathe more and drink more water to dissipate heat. The chicken's feed intake will decrease, which will also affect the weight gain and induce the chickens to catch a cold.

2. Ensure that the chickens make full use of the feed

To improve feed utilization, most are by balancing the ratio of energy and amino acids or through a series of different measures to improve nutrient digestibility.

chicken feeder pan

First of all, one of the factors to improve the efficiency of feed conversion is to correctly place the position of the automatic drinking nipple, close to the feeder, but not too close to avoid the deterioration of the feed. At the same time, the drinking nipple used has better sealing performance, strong pressure resistance, and no water leakage; chicken feeders must not waste feed. Longmu Animal Husbandry Technology (cangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a Chinasupplier dedicated to building high-quality automated chicken raising equipment, providing you with high-precision nipple drinkers and chicken feeders that save feed.

chicken nipple drinkers

Second, light control begins around 7-10 days of age, as poultry tends to over-consume under constant light conditions, which will speed up the circulation of the diet in the broiler gut. This reduces the digestibility of the feed.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that farms are easy to ignore - the cleaning of waterlines is not paid enough attention. This is an important source of chicken gut health. Without clean drinking water, there is no healthy gut. Without a healthy gut, feed will not be fully utilized. And the intestine of poultry is the largest immune organ of the body.

The gastrointestinal tract is an important protective barrier for poultry against pathogenic infection. As the largest immune organ in the body, intestinal lymphoid tissue (GALT) accounts for about 80% of the total humoral immunity and 50% of the cellular immunity in poultry. Studies have shown that nourishing traditional Chinese medicine can activate the body to secrete a large amount of mucosal immunoglobulin IgA, mobilize all relevant immune cells to participate in phagocytosis and kill pathogens and antigens that try to cross the intestinal protective barrier, and protect the health of poultry.

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