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About Chicken Water Nipples Knowledge

Views: 862     Author: Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-26      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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Have you been using the traditional style poultry watering fount? There is a much easier and healthier way to provide clean water to your flock with chicken nipple drinkers.

The traditional poultry watering drinker has many flaws. They are always dirty, always need to be cleaned, and are often tipped over and spilled.

What is a chicken nipple?

Yes, this is a funny name.  If you prefer, you can call them chicken waterers. Whatever you want to call them, chicken nipples are the easiest, most affordable, and healthiest way to give your chickens water.

Why should you use chicken nipple drinkers?

Chicken nipple drinkers keep the water clean and free of dirt and debris all the time. It has been scientifically shown that nipple waterers can decrease or prevent the spread of many diseases including Coccidiosis, Mycoplasma synoviae, and Trichomonosis.

How do poultry nipple drinkers work?

Horizontal chicken nipple drinker:

When a chicken pecks at the pin, the o-ring is moved out from the groove in the barrel (the threaded part), allowing water into the nipple. When the chicken stops drinking, the o-ring seals the barrel stopping water flow.

Horizontal chicken nipple drinker

Vertical chicken nipple drinker:

When a chicken pecks at the pin, the stainless steel shut-off ball is moved out from the groove in the barrel, allowing water into the nipple. When the chicken stops drinking, the o-ring seals the barrel stopping water flow.

chicken nipple drinker work

In addition, it is safe to add apple cider vinegar, essential oils, or medications to your chicken nipple waterer because the pins are made of stainless steel.

Benefits of Chicken Nipple Drinkers

Chicken nipple drinkers have many benefits. They are not expensive and easy to install, so you can have a DIY chicken drinker made in less than an hour that’s much cheaper than a store-bought drinker.

Drinking water is safely contained inside the container, where it never gets muddy, poopy, or otherwise dirty. This contained chicken watering nipple decreases the spread of disease. And, since the water is not exposed to light, no algae forms.

As an added bonus, since buckets are high capacity (and inexpensive), you don't need to fill up your chicken's waterer as often. It reduces much more labor. This is also helpful when you want to go on vacation.

The LongMu chicken nipples can also be used in brooders with young chicks, as well as with other birds like quail, pheasant, peafowl, guinea fowl, and more. Now, healthy, clean water is always available.

How To Install Chicken Nipples

Horizontal chicken nipple drinker2

A poultry horizontal nipple drinker is a spring-loaded, pin-activated water dispenser that can be installed on the side of nearly any plastic container like a bucket, 55-gallon drum, or PVC pipe. If the chicken nipple drinker is vertical, it needs to be installed on the bottom of the container, as shown in figure.

  • In general, you'll need a few supplies:

  • Container or PVC pipe

  • Installation Tool (optional)

  • Thread seal tape or silicone (optional)

  • Drill bit (and tap for PVC)

  • Pressure regulator (only for PVC applications)

poultry nipple drinkers can be installed in nearly any plastic container, including buckets, PVC pipe, 55-gallon drums, juice containers, etc.

When choosing a container, pick one that is food-grade or safe to use for drinking water. Some plastics can leach harmful chemicals. You'll also need a container with thick plastic. A 2-liter bottle, for example, is too flimsy and won't work well.

The horizontal nipple drinkers are intended to be installed on the side of a container, and the vertical nipple drinkers are installed on the bottom. The horizontal nipple drinkers allow the chicken waterer nipple bucket to be placed on a block, but the vertical nipple drinkers need the waterer nipple bucket to be suspended.

If you are using PVC, Use 1/2" or larger Schedule 40 PVC pipe. And you need to install a pressure regulator. Chicken nipple drinkers are intended to be used in a low-pressure system, at less than 5 PSI. If you are hooking the PVC watering bar to a garden hose, a pressure regulator will be needed.

At pressures over 5 PSI, chickens won't be able to physically press the pin due to the static pressure. If they are able to press the pin, water will come out too quickly to be consumed.

How Many Chicken Nipple Drinkers Do I Need?

Every 6-8 birds need one nipple in moderate climates or every 3-4 birds need one nipple in hot climates.

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