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Problems and solutions for the use of chicken equipment

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-05-09      Origin: LONGMU


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At present, the production of laying hens' complete sets of equipment has entered a golden period of rapid development. Laying hens' industrial upgrading will be completed by the mechanization, automation and intelligent equipment system. The technical bottleneck of laying hens' complete sets of equipment is a major problem for most enterprises.


The solution of these problems is not overnight, the equipment manufacturers and breeding enterprises need to cooperate closely and exchange what they have, so as to make the breeding equipment more suitable for modern poultry production.

1. Feeding equipment

(1) Existing problems:

In actual production, some enterprises and farmers have no basis to follow when choosing chain type, driving type and winch type feeding equipment. How should they choose? How does the automatic feeding system ensure uniform feeding? Will the feed stored in the tower deteriorate during the summer high temperature? Can bulk truck be equipped with measuring equipment?

(2) Solution:

When choosing feeding equipment, feed uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and spare parts cost should be considered comprehensively. For example, chain feeding equipment with uniform feeding and less dust production, but relatively high failure rates and parts costs, these indicators need to be balanced.


The driving type feeding equipment is economical, simple, uniform feeding, suitable for China's national conditions; Chain feeding equipment is suitable for broiler breeding, and winch feeding equipment has better control over feeding speed, flock stress and feed waste.

The noise of the driving feeding equipment is relatively small, the crushing degree of the feed is low when used, and the dust generated after the cover plate is added is little.

Experiments have confirmed that using the skein feeding system can save 5 to 10 grams of feed per chicken, and the skein idling can also stimulate the flock to eat.

In addition to restricted feeding, it is better to use chain feeding system for laying hens, because feeding quantity is well controlled, and it is not restricted by the length of the coop, and takes up less space, and the coop aisle space is larger.

egg incubator (2)

In fact, some feeding systems are equipped with automatic feeding device, which not only can ensure uniform feeding, but also can reduce the labor intensity of manual feeding, but the feeder will also cause blockage in the encounter of chicken feathers, need to be further improved.

It was pointed out that some bulk trucks are now equipped with automatic metering devices, which can ensure the accuracy of the ingredients. The feed stored in the tower should not be too long, and the feed will not deteriorate in a short time (2-3 days)

2. Drinking water equipment

(1) Existing problems:

What is the function of chicken drinking water nipple with drinking cup? What is the function of the middle water tank in the cage of laying hens? Water systems need to be improved: chickens in large coop houses can't drink at the same time, at a time difference of an hour or more, and there are problems with distorted drinking lines and a lack of waterline recoil.

(2) Solution:

It is emphasized that the nipple drinking device is equipped with drinking cups, which can prevent chickens from wetting their feathers when drinking water. The drinking cups should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. The sink in the middle of the chicken cage is mainly used to replace the nipple with water, and to prevent dirt and dirt from being cleaned regularly.

poultry equipment

It has been pointed out that to solve the problem that chickens can not drink water at the same time, the main pipe of the drinking pipe can be thickened, the water pressure can be increased, or each layer of separate water supply, but also turn on the light after a period of time, so as to ensure that chickens can drink water at the same time.

In some people's opinion, many chicken farms are used to drinking water for drug administration, but the powder will be blocked by the filter after joining, affecting the effect of drug administration. Filters need to be flushed regularly and water lines cleaned regularly, but strong acids and bases are not to be used. Waterlines tend to deform over long periods of time or during seasonal changes, which is related to the quality of the waterline and the need to ensure proper installation.

3. Cage equipment

(1) Existing problems:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cascading chicken coops? Chicken cage depth (600mm, 620mm, 750mm), height (430mm, 450mm), single cage breeding amount (6, 8, 10), cage layer spacing how appropriate? How to solve chicken running out of cage and cage? What is the effect of using this cage to raise breeding chickens?

(2) Solution:

It has been pointed out that the layered cage rearing of laying hens has the following advantages: saving land, reducing investment in civil construction, and raising large amount per unit area; High degree of mechanization, reduce labor intensity, reduce labor costs; The environment of the chicken house can be controlled artificially to reduce the influence of the external environment on the chickens. Chicken manure can be treated in time to reduce environmental pollution. It also has the following disadvantages: strong dependence on energy; Energy consumption is relatively high; The high density of single breeding increases the risk of biosafety.

Some people point out: cage layer spacing should be moderate, otherwise it will affect the growth of chickens, running chickens and channeling chickens can be achieved by adjusting the height of the baffle. The appropriate size of the coop is not only a matter of investment cost, but also the convenience of use of the equipment. If the cage size is too large, it will be difficult to catch the chickens and repair the water line. For this exchange cage, Manager Hu Yonglin pointed out: According to the practice of raising breeding chickens for parents in Huayu Company, the hens in house can produce 220 breeding eggs and 40 commercial eggs, and the average fertilization rate of breeding eggs can reach more than 94%. The hatching rate is also good, and the average 2.42 breeding eggs can hatch 1 healthy female chick. However, the use of this breeding cage also has some disadvantages, such as high death rate of breeding chickens and large number of roosters.

4. Lighting equipment

(1) Existing problems:

Which type of coop lighting is appropriate? How to arrange more rationally?

(2) Solution:

Some people point out that most chicken farms now use energy-saving lamps, there is a problem is that the life of energy-saving lamps is not long, in the lamp with ball cover, can play a waterproof and dustproof role, prolong the service life. For the multi-layer cage laying hens, the lighting should be arranged at staggered levels, not in the same horizontal line.

Some people point out that: at present, the breeding enterprises are not much dimming energy-saving lamps, not dimming will shorten its service life. Using LED lights is easy to adjust the intensity of light, and there are two methods of DC dimming and AC dimming, easy to operate.

5. Environmental control equipment

(1) Existing problems:

Environmental control equipment including fans, Windows, water curtains and controllers, production will also encounter many problems, such as winter coop heating problems, coop dry, dust, how to control respiratory diseases and dust problems, large coop environment is not balanced, coop front end ventilation dead Angle problems.

(2) Solution:

Some people think: in view of the winter chicken house drying and heating problems, can be in the chicken house inlet air heating, humidification, prevent air drying. It is more economical to use coal boiler for heating in the nursery, but it does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. The price of using gas is high, and the air quality in the nursery is poor, so we can consider using electric heating.

It is pointed out that the unbalanced environment in the chicken house and the existence of ventilation dead Angle are related to the effective ventilation volume and the minimum ventilation volume. In order to effectively control the ventilation volume, some enterprises use frequency conversion fans. The control of the air volume is not accurate in practical application, and the switch control should be the main part of the production.

6. Egg white manure collection equipment

(1) Existing problems:

Egg conveyors often get dusty, which can stain the surface of the egg. Collecting egg claw is easy to break, not convenient to replace; How to avoid egg collision when picking eggs, reduce damage; There is deviation and leakage of feces in the cleaning belt.

(2) Solution:

Egg conveyor belt to do regular cleaning, some field equipment with automatic cleaning device ---- brush, if you do not take the brush to manual cleaning, but automatic cleaning can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the keepers. Set egg claw in the installation design in addition to consider the replacement of convenient, but also try to use high-quality materials; In order to avoid the collision of eggs, the transmission speed of the conveyor belt should be set reasonably, but also consider adding a buffer device.

In addition to the installation problem, the deviation of the cleaning belt may also be uneven force in the process of use, which needs to be solved by the manufacturer in technical services.

7, chicken manure, dead chicken processing facilities

(1) Existing problems:

Many chicken farms use the scraping board to remove feces, not only takes a long time (about 45 minutes each time), and the scraping board twists back and forth, chicken feces become very thin, not easy to deal with; There is no unified standard for the disposal of dead chickens, and there is a lack of matching treatment facilities.

(2) Solution:

At present, some chicken farms make full use of the heat of the coop itself to dry the chicken manure to a certain extent before cleaning, so as not to cause environmental problems. Some enterprises are considering investing in biogas power generation equipment.

Some people point out that biogas power generation is not suitable for all enterprises, we should do according to our ability, if there is no project financial support, or do not easily invest, because biogas power generation into the national grid cost is very high, electricity price is controlled by the state, from the point of economic benefits is not cost-effective. In some countries, such as Japan, chicken manure is usually treated by natural compost fermentation, which is simple and feasible.

Some people point out that most chicken farms are burning or deeply buried dead chickens, if the measures are not in place, it will cause environmental pollution. In some places in Henan Province, dead chickens are currently trying to make meat particles, as fish feed, pig feed, etc., these are worthy of discussion.

8. Find out the fitting point of equipment production and use

(1) Equipment production enterprises should face the problem

Some people think: now an embarrassing phenomenon is that chicken producers do not understand equipment manufacturing, understand equipment manufacturing will not raise chicken, at present domestic equipment enterprises mainly imitate, closed-door caused serious phenomenon; The lack of horizontal cooperation and vertical communication between enterprises should learn from the young chicken enterprises; Enterprises are generally heavy on sales, light research and development, light service phenomenon; Most of the products are "three no" (no label, no manual, no product certificate) products; Product use and maintenance manual is not perfect, most enterprises do not have; The standardization degree of equipment parts is low, and the technical parameters are not perfect; There is no uniform version of the purchase and sales contract, and some are Bawang clauses; The 8-hour working system of some manufacturers' installation personnel is unreasonable, and the enthusiasm and responsibility of installation personnel are not strong.

(2) The planning and design of chicken coop should be scientific and reasonable

Some people pointed out: in actual operation, the chicken house construction drawings should be provided by the equipment factory to ensure that they are matched with equipment; Coop water, electricity, monitoring lines to do a good job of design, embedded in the ground and the wall, can not be exposed in the coop; Chicken house before and after and both ends to leave water mouth, both sides and the middle do not leave ditch; In equipment investment to step by step, not fine do not seek large, to plan and design well, step by step; Equipment selection should consider the actual production needs, the height of the chicken cage should meet the demand of 120 days old chickens; Equipment can be automated, because the future labor costs will be more and more high; Water, electricity, heating and other vulnerable parts should have backup, once insufficient to timely supplement, otherwise it will cause great losses; Staff recruitment and training should be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the site.

(3) Equipment production and use links need to be connected

In view of it, the kettle, the tray and the bottom net can be used in the raising process of young chickens, which can greatly save the labor intensity, make the laying hens more simple, and can realize the feeding tank 36 hours after a feeding, and the feed will not be mildew. The method found out by these breeding enterprises in the application process is unexpected by the equipment enterprises.

Therefore, the design personnel of equipment enterprises need to go deep into the chicken farm, listen to the advice of the user, stand in the perspective of the breeder to consider the problem, the design and use of equipment should make more use of the nature of the chicken. In addition, many chicken farm equipment from different manufacturers, how to ensure the installation of these equipment, seamless docking, normal operation, is also a practical problem to be solved.

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