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Nipple Drinker Installation Instructions

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Long Mu Poultry breeding equipment

    Installation and use of nipple drinker fountains have high requirements on water quality. Otherwise, the nipple drinkers are easy to block. Therefore, a filter should be installed on the water supply pipeline, and the size of the filter screen should not be less than 200 mesh. You can equip an automatic dosing device that can prevent or treat diseases by drinking water. The installation of drinking fountains should be standardized to ensure that the water pipe is straight, and ensure that the water supply in each section of the water pipe is uniform. The nipple drinker should be installed vertically, so as not to hinder the movement of the chicken. The nipple drinkers should be installed vertically, so as not to hinder the movement of the chicken. The chicken can lift its head and peck the valve core with its beak, so that the water can flow out. Then chickens will drink the water, which is in line with the chicken's head-raising drinking habit.

chicken drinking line

    In order to ensure that chickens can drink fresh water at any time, it is best to use an automatic water supply device. The working water pressure of the nipple drinker is low. It is often used in conjunction with a pressure-reducing valve or a water tank to adjust the water pressure to suit the needs of chickens of different ages. The suitable water pressure is chick 14.7~24.5kPa; adult chicken 24.5~34.3kPa. (The specific water pressure value depends on the model of the nipple drinker you choose, please consult us for the specific water pressure of the nipple drinkers) Should avoid the phenomenon that the water pressure is too high or too low to lead the chicken cannot drink water or the nipple drinker leaks. In addition, the nipple drinker cannot be used within 20 days after the chicken beak is cut off, because the beak is sore and dare not peck.

chicken nipple drinker

    The water supply line for the flat-raising farm should have anti-roost steel wires and a pulse electric shock device to prevent chickens from stepping on the water supply line. After the installation is completed, water must be supplied right now. Chickens peck at nipple drinkers out of curiosity. After pecking out the water, they slowly form a conditioned reflex, and they can drink at any time when they are thirsty. If the water is not supplied in time after it is installed, the chicken will not be able to peck the water, which will affect future drinking. When using nipple drinkers for flat-raising chickens, attention should be paid to the installation height. The hanging height should be adjusted according to the age of the chickens. Generally, it is required to exceed the chicken head by 1~3cm. Each nipple drinker can be used for 3~6 adult chickens or 10~20 chicks.

    The water supply line for adult caged chickens farm can be installed above the front of the chicken cage, or between the two cages. Although it is installed in the front and top of the chicken cage to ensure that the chicken manure is dry, the water drops in the feed trough, and the feed is easily soaked, which leads to fermentation and deterioration, which affects the health of the chickens. Therefore, it is best to install it between two cages, which can not only reduce the chance of water leakage caused by the chickens touching the nipple drinker when moving but also the chickens in each cage can use two drinking nipples to drink water.

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