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Installation and use of trough drinker

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Long Mu Poultry breeding equipment


The trough drinking fountain is characterized by simple structure, convenient use, reliable water supply, less failure and low price. However, when the water trough is place in the atmosphere, the water evaporates, which not only wastes water, but also makes the chicken house wet; when the chicken is drinking water, the feed falls into the water, and the dust in the air also falls into the water. Water is contaminated. It is easy to spread diseases. It is not conducive to sanitation and epidemic prevention. And it is not easy to clean it thoroughly.

Scope of application:

The material of the trough drinking fountain is made of PVC plastic and galvanized steel. It is widely used in chicken farms and can be used for cage and flat raising of chickens (including flat raising on the ground and flat raising on the net).

trough drinker-longmu

Installation and use:

When raising chickens in cages, install the water trough in front of the chicken cage with a hook, and it is required to adjust horizontally; when flat raising chickens, install the water trough on the side of the wall or outside the fence to prevent chickens from jumping on the water trough, stepping on the water trough and polluting the water quality. In use, it should be brushed once a day. Adding an appropriate amount of chloride to the water can effectively inhibit the survival of escherichia coli. All in all, this type of drinking fountain tends to be eliminated.

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